Inventory as of:

July 2022

Epic K1T River, Over & Under Stern Rudder - SOLD

Epic V5 Performance - NEW

Epic V5 RotoMold - NEW

Epic V6 - Performance - NEW 

Epic V7 Gen 4, Rotomolded - NEW   

 Epic V8 - Performance - New

Epic V9 Pro - River - NEW 

Epic V10 Sport Performance - NEW

Epic V8 Double Performance Over Stern - DEMO 

Epic V10 Performance - DEMO 

Epic V10 Elite - DEMO

Epic V11 Ultra - DEMO

Epic V12 River - DEMO

Ask about other boats in our fleet not for sale, but for demo

Epic 18X Double Kayak River layup

and others


From Beginner to Expert Level

If you are just starting out kayaking, we would love to help you. While we have plenty of cutting-edge, competitive kayaks, we also have some at reasonable prices that are perfectly suited for beginners who want to get into the sport. We have a great selection of kayaks and we will always find the time to help find you one that suits your needs and budget.

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How to set up a demo:  Either call us directly or click on the link below to set up a day, time and location.